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Lightning bolt and wraparound interweaves are braided in 'A', 'AA' 'AAA' and 'B'. 
'B' is very nice, the 'A's are progressively smoother. I recommend 'A' or 'AA' for most uses. Available in Roo also.
 Here are two of the many bosals Richard Caldwell designed and I made

Hackamore Prices 2015:

Rawhide Roo and Latigo

7/8 20 plat                 $650            ¾ 20 plat            $600

5/8" 16 plat*    $525          5/8 12 plat basic $490

1/2" 12 plat*    $495          ½” 12 plat basic $475

3/8" 12 plat*    $395          Underbridle basic $200

                                Underbridle fine 12 plat $325

*this indicates customer favorites

Extra fine AA nose and heel added to:

5/8 or ½ inch                                                     $150

3/8                                                                        $75

Fancy braiding on latigo hanger                               $90

Braided kangaroo hanger                                         $255

Roo nose and heel                                                      $50

Roo band on 5/8 or larger                                         $80

Latigo band                                               no extra charge

Single string fiador                                                     $20

Traditional doubled fiador                                        $25

All our bosals are rather refined. ~ We can make more exquisite gear upon request.

All hackamores include a latigo hanger, specify standard hung (sh) or center hung (ch)

Nose buttons may be “level” with no taper or nerve buttons, “level” with nerve buttons, “tapered with no nerve buttons,” or “tapered” with nerve buttons. The inside curve of our nosebuttons is always level—they never swell downward toward the horse. Our standard inside-curve measurement is 6 3/8 to 6 ¾.  It fits most horses well.

All our hackamores are made on a quality rawhide core. There is no tape, string, or plastic in these bosals. Each comes with a latigo hanger designed to tie below the left ear.

Rawhide Cores:

 Riata core ~ Riata + 8 plat Single twist + eight plat Double twist 

 Caldwell Sleeve core (add $100) Rawhide string core (on two rein bosals) Strip core